About Me

According to my Junior Kindergarten teacher, I’ve been a storyteller since the days of knee socks and Velcro shoes. By the time I learned to write full sentences, there was no stopping my colourful tales (mostly because I was still writing in crayon back then). A couple decades (and far less Velcro) later, I’ve swapped the crayons for a trusty Macbook and am enjoying life as a writer and web editor.

How did I get here? Well, in addition to a diploma in journalism from Sheridan College, I hold a BA in English Literature from the University of Waterloo. So not only am I qualified to write and edit, but I can read a book like no one’s business. I’m lucky—I’ve found a job that allows me to combine my skills with my passions, and I love what I do.

My topic specialties include all things lifestyle—entertainment, beauty, health/wellness, food, home and parenting. To date, my work has appeared in a number of Canadian magazines, including Elevate, Salon, Dogs in Canada, Canadian Family and Tribute. These days, however, my life is all about the web, and while I relish the experience of flipping through a great magazine, I’m quite happy to call the digital world my home.

When I’m not writing, I can be found indulging my shiny paper habit (magazines = <3) and kicking back with a good cup of tea. I’m a full-time bookworm, a closet crafter, occasional baker of delicious treats, and not-so-secret pop culture junkie.

Want to know more? You’ll find it on LinkedIn. You can also check out my blog or find me on Twitter.